Today we have access to a multitude of services on the cloud or on our company intranet. Each one of these services requires some form of authentication. But let’s face it, no one likes login screens !

Linking your account with different services is called Single Sign-On or SSO in short, it offers substantial benefits:

  • Reduces significantly the amount of times you have to type your password
  • Keeps your password secured in a single safe place, your identity provider (IdP)
  • Manages all passwords management and authorizations from the IdP
  • Enhances security habits such as periodic password replacement, strong password policy check, multi-factor authentication (MFA), …

In fact, your company might already give you personalized access to multiple applications and various services using only one set of login credentials.

At home also, you might use, for instance, your Google account and use it to access Gmail, Youtube, Dropbox, Facebook, Netflix or others.


Using SSO is way more secure than reusing the same login and password on multiple sites. With SSO, your password is never shared with any other sites. The authentication is the sole responsibility to one IdP, like for example Google Identity when using your Gmail account to log on Netflix.

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