We offer two options to use Dependency Track SaaS: the super flexible monthly option or the more cost saving annual option.

Three package sizes are available depending on the number of users in your company. For example, if you need between 51 and 120 users, then you will select our medium package.

After selecting the package size and your preferred billing mode, you will be redirected to a secured page where you will conveniently pay your subscription with a credit card.

Contact us for any inquiries before ordering or if you need more than 250 users. We can also propose custom support and development for customers with specific needs.


Select your subscription model. Taxes amount would be calculated later.
Legal Options

Once your subscription is processed we will create a dedicated tenant and send you the credentials and information to access your own Dependency Track instance.

At YourSky.blue, our goal is to make your journey a breeze.

Easy online payment

YourSky.blue offers competitive prices and simple administrative modality.

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