Dependency Track SaaS provided by is a managed cloud solution for Software Composition Analysis (SCA), based on the popular open-source OWASP Dependency-Track®.

Always online, our powerful monitoring solution is tracking continuously all your software components for vulnerabilities. And it does so without requiring any connection to your infrastructure.

Our software meets and exceeds the requirements requested by US President Executive Order to enhance Software Supply Chain Security.

Gaining knowledge over software components participates in software supply chain transparency and is an essential aspect of a healthy and robust IT system.

Stay safe and focused while we operate the platform for you.

your software

  • Manage Software Bill of Material (SBOM)
  • Know every components, versions and licenses
  • Visualize components dependency chains

your software supply chain

  • Automatically scan the list of components for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) using the latest National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
  • Audit and document projects’ vulnerabilities
  • Find obsolete components
  • Discover software license breaches

your action plan

  • Visualize your complete portfolio of applications with powerful dashboards and sensible metrics
  • Arbitrate between projects based on the security risks scores and obsolescence status


  • Anticipate and modernize your software supply chain wisely
  • Automate SBOM transfer when new versions are deployed
  • Receive immediate notifications through various channels (email, slack, teams, ticket, …) when a new vulnerability affects one of your software component
  • Share meaningful information outside the IT Team to reduce silos

security is our top priority

  • Reduced surface attack Completely disconnected from your infrastructure
  • Advanced security standards We support single sign-on, multi factor authentication, configurable application permissions, portfolio segmentation and use only the latest HTTPS/TLS enforced standards (qualys grade A+)
  • Data security/privacy Our data centers and team are based in Switzerland which is among the very best places for data safety and privacy concerns

your workflow

  • Modern and responsive user interface
  • Search through multiple axis: projects, components, vulnerabilities
  • Complete API for all sort of automation and integrations
  • Import CycloneDX inventory, Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX)
  • Export inventory, inventory with vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX)

Your advantages

Whether you are a software provider or a proactive company, our SaaS solution will brighten your sky !

As a software provider

  • Prevent delivery of a software containing obsolete components
  • Monitor security flaws in the delivered software
  • Review license compliance
  • Helps you engage more responsibly with your customers

Simple, Smart, Safe, Swiss

  • Register and use our service in no time, pay conveniently with credit card, choose among our flexible subscriptions
  • Extend your existing services, use your company login only once for all our services
  • Swiss quality in every details: hosting, security, privacy, stability, accuracy, outstanding quality and reliability

As a proactive company

  • Prioritize strategic IT action plan to defend against security threats
  • Assess vulnerability flaws in your IT environment
  • Become proactive ahead of a cyber attack
  • Ensure licence compliance
  • Gain visibility: maintain an inventory of your software, view its components

Fully Manager Service

Dedicated tenant prepared and managed by our team of experts. Log-in, upload your software BOM and start tracking vulnerabilities.

Integrated Role Base Security

Single sign-on with your company identity provider allowing designated software portfolio access control.

Deep Continuous Analysis

Know all your software better than ever, define alerts and be the first informed if your software requires attention. Track component licenses and define policies.

Act before someone exploits one of your vulnerability.
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